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Indyfest is a wide and loose network of creators, publishers, musicians, actors, film makers, industry leaders and the fans of indy stuff. This JOBS HUB is for the use of those looking for work or looking to hire a creator. Indyfest is not responsible for any agreements that are entered into in the course of people getting or providing work. We highly recommend that everyone fully do their due diligence in making sure the company or person they are going to work with, is everything that they say they are, and get everything in writing. We will have connected tools and resources that should help with the getting to know people and companies, but do not rely solely on our word, go to google or bing or yahoo and do some searches. While we cannot be held responsible for any agreements gone awry, we will have a grievances system in place to help mediate and keep a level of assistance when needed best we can.

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